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Real Estate Marketing for the Modern Realtor

Real estate marketing to help you stand out from other agents.


90 Days to Profit Planner

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The 90 Days to Profit Planner was built to fuel your busy real estate lifestyle, so you can accomplish your daily routine without overwhelm and distraction.

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About Us

Who is Elevated Agent?

Hi...and welcome! My name is Kelli and I have been a real estate agent for over 10 years.  I started Elevated Agent in 2018 because I saw there was a huge lack of beautiful AND useful designs in the real estate industry.  I wanted marketing pieces that stood out in a crowded industry.  I started designing my own marketing pieces and soon was getting request for custom designs from all over the world.

Our Custom Approach

What sets Elevated Agent apart from other options is our customization process.  We send you a great template that is completely written for you in Canva and all you have to do is update it with your contact information, personal logo, and whatever else you would like it to have.  It can be done in minutes or you can spend a little more time making it yours. 

You own the template forever and can print/download/email it as much as you want!